I am a senior IT professional with a demonstrated track record of success in Digital Strategic Planning, Innovation, Executive Coaching, Professional Services Management, Technical Pre-Sales Consulting and Project Management in large and small organisations, global and local.

As an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs, I worked extensively with CIOs and senior IT executives. In this role, I offered advice and guidance on topics as diverse as IT governance, organizational transformation, demand management, performance measurement, service delivery and development of high-performing teams.

From this experience I developed the Delta Framework: a set of components for organisational change. These components encourage high performing teams and improved productivity through creating a clear vision, energising and focusing people and encouraging sophisticated leadership and accountability.

My personal focus is pretty simple: I like helping organisations and teams become successful… it’s always through a journey of clarification, encouragement and rigour, it always reaps solid ROI and most of the time it’s fun.

I value honesty and integrity in an environment of collaboration. I have a strong sense of purpose and a capacity for gentle persuasion. I am keen to work with organisations and individuals who share my values and have open minds. If you’re interested, check out the rest of my background on LinkedIn.